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The present volume A’ «Space-Time Theory» The Philosophy of Space-Time, redefines the aims, methods and conditions of philosophy, expanding the metaphilosophical research.
... The four dimensional space-time is directly associated to three marginal conditions: a) the constant (c) of light, b) the interior of a black hole and c) the strings of the universe.
... While space and time in the perceptible world are meant as dimensions, in the natural world they are forces, so as an overall concept space is a dimension-force and time is a force-dimension.
... The material and immaterial being of man creates a multitude of space-time and non space-time contradictions, which may be joined and removed simultaneously by him, when at the same time his awareness-unawareness gives him the possibility of a self-willing and unlimited action.
... For every 300,000 km approximately of spatial distance occurring between any system of reference similar to the earth and the treaty of light itself, the system of reference is debited a quantitative time-roll duration of one second…

... The weakness of the system of reference to concur with the treaty of light, ie non-existence of time, becomes the cause of existence of time for the system.

... This is the time-cost of existence.

From the text of the book.

The perceptual, physical and transcendental worlds (and not only them) are analyzed and synthesized by the author always from the perspective view of space-time introducing new philosophical concepts including five new space-time principles:

1)The principle of awareness-unawareness

2)The principle of contradiction of existence

3)The space-time principle of cause-affect

4)The consequential principle of nature

5)The transcendental principle of happening

With the book of G.K.Kertsopoulos, «Space - Time Theory» The Philosophy of Space - Time, volume A’, with which we participate in the FRANKFURTER BUCHMESSE 2009 as SYNCHRONI EKDOTIKI, we broaden our topics in the scientific fields, contesting for a prototype position in the 21st century perception of the dimensions of space and time.

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All proposals for publication in other languages are welcome and will be seriously considered by the author and the publisher.

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Person responsible for the presentation & participation of Synchroni Ekdotiki at the BUCHMESSE: Dionysia Blazaki



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